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"We Are A Design Build Contractor"

Design Build Contractor:

The "design–build Contractor" is often a general contractor / builder that has its own Architect in house.

Hiring a “Design-Build” Company:
Hiring a “design-build” company allows you to obtain both design and building services from a single source. It saves time and money. Lamka Enterprises Construction Inc. offers design and construction services together or separately from each other. Integrated design build strategy allows us to provide better service, seamless communication and quality control

The role of the General Contractor:
General contractors provide construction services based on construction documents and are best suited to define construction methods and sequences, estimate costs, and coordinate the work of subcontractors. The General Contractor provides an estimated construction fee projection and schedule for the work.

Your contract with the General Contractor may be based on a lump-sum price or be billed on time and materials, or T&M basis, with or without a guaranteed maximum price, or GMP, determined at the start.

As the client, you are ultimately responsible for selecting and paying your General Contractor. Do not begin any work until you have signed contracts detailing the work to be done, the schedule, and the amount and timing of all payments due. Make sure your General Contractor is registered, Licensed, and Insured with the State and City in which you are having this work done.

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