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Recent Completed Projects

Painting and Floor Refinishing Chicago, IL.

We were hired to repaint the interior and refinish the hardwood flooring to this Senior Living Center in Chicago, IL.

Steel Terrace Fabrication Lincoln Park, Chicago IL.

Exterior Efis Project Schaumburg, IL.

Fabricated and installed an outdoor entertaining area for this multifamily property in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Fabricated and installed a steel terrace, stairs and railings with a roof top deck to this multifamily building in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

We were hired to Installation contractor to install an Efis exterior to this senior living center in Schaumburg, IL.

New Roof, Coping Tiles   Lincoln Park, Chicago IL.

New Window Installations  Chicago IL.

Outdoor Entertaining Area

Lincoln Park, Chicago IL.

We were contracted to installed new windows to this multifamily building located in Chicago, Il.

We installed a new roof, clay coping tiles and rebuilt the parapet walls to this Lincoln Park 3 Flat

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