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 Universities, Schools, Assisted Living, Senior Living Centers,  Student Housing, Corporations, Hotels, Government Facilities

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Lamka Enterprises Construction has been designing & installing  Access Control Security Systems consisting of  Access Cards and Card readers, Magnetic and Sentronic Door Holders/Closers,  Elevator Control Systems, Security Cameras and Facility Lock Down Buttons.  These Systems are a very effective way to help control the successful  outcome of any security issue in todays world.


Access control systems may be classified by the functions they are able to perform:

  • Basic (non-intelligent) readers: simply read card numbers or PINS, and forward it to a control panel. In case of biometric identification, such readers output the ID number of a user. Typically, Wiegand protocol is used for transmitting data to the control panel, but other options such as  Clock/Data are not uncommon. This is the most popular type of access control readers. 

  • Semi-intelligent readers: have all inputs and outputs necessary to control door hardware (lock, door contact, exit button), but do not make any access decisions. When a user presents a card or enters a PIN, the reader sends information to the main controller, and waits for its response. If the connection to the main controller is interrupted, such readers stop working, or function in a degraded mode. Usually semi-intelligent readers are connected to a control panel

  • Intelligent readers: have all inputs and outputs necessary to control door hardware; they also have memory and processing power necessary to make access decisions independently.       Like semi-intelligent readers, they are connected to a control panel via an RS-485 bus. The control panel sends configuration updates, and retrieves events from the readers.  There is also a new generation of intelligent readers referred to as "IP readers". Systems with IP readers usually do not have traditional control panels, and readers communicate directly to a PC that acts as a host.

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