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Facility access control security is a crucial aspect of any business or organization. It ensures that only authorized personnel can enter certain doors and or areas, protecting personal, sensitive information and or valuable assets. With the right access control system in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility is secure and your business is protected.

To design an effective access control system, we need to consider factors such as the size of the facility, the number of employees, the level of security required, and the type of access control technology to be used. Access control systems may be classified by the functions they are able to perform:

Basic (non-intelligent) readers:                                      

Simply read card numbers or PINS, and forward it to a control panel. In case of biometric identification, such readers output the ID number of a user. Typically, Wiegand protocol is used for transmitting data to the control panel, but other options such as  Clock/Data are not uncommon. This is the most popular type of access control readers. 

Semi-intelligent readers:                                                          

Have all inputs and outputs necessary to control door hardware (lock, door contact, exit button), but do not make any access decisions. When a user presents a card or enters a PIN, the reader sends information to the main controller, and waits for its response. If the connection to the main controller is interrupted, such readers stop working, or function in a degraded mode. Usually semi-intelligent readers are connected to a control panel

Intelligent readers:                                                                   

Have all inputs and outputs necessary to control door hardware; they also have memory and processing power necessary to make access decisions independently. Like semi-intelligent readers, they are connected to a control panel via an RS-485 bus. The control panel sends configuration updates, and retrieves events from the readers.  There is also a new generation of intelligent readers referred to as "IP readers". Systems with IP readers usually do not have traditional control panels, and readers communicate directly to a PC that acts as a host.


Let's work together to design a system that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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