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We were so excited when the owners of this 1900's historic Chicago home called and asked us to convert their two-flat into a single family home. 

We provided the permits, demolition, construction, General Contracting, and Construction Managements Services. The Blueprints on this project were completed before we became involved. 

The scope was to renovate the home while keeping the homes historic integrity in mind. 

The home owners got involved by locating several origional120 year old interior wood doors and an original 100 year old double bath vanity which is now in the new master bathroom. The doors did not come with jambs, so we custom made them on site. 

1. The original entryway had two doors. One door leading to the1st floor apartment, the other door leading to the 2nd floor apartment. This was completely renovated into a beautiful grand entry.

2. Closets and walls were removed on the 2nd floor to make way for a new grand hallway that joins all the rooms.

2. The kitchen on the 2nd floor is now the master bedroom.

3. The two original bedrooms are now the master bathroom, master closet and laundry room.

5. The original living and dining rooms are now two children's bedrooms. 

This Historic Renovation TURNED OUT GREAT !!

Dark Wood

Ravenswood Manor Project:

Chicago, IL. 

White Brick Wall


Tel. 630.659.5966

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